Top 5 Chemistry Books You Can Read Before your Chemistry Exam!

Chemistry is a fun subject, but it is definitely not a piece of cake by any means. I still remember the tough days before my O Level Chemistry Exam, I was tearing my hears out. I definitely thought I was going to get a C or D. But due to my tremendous hard work and determination I managed to get an A in Chemistry. 

That was way back in 2010, back when I did not have a great internet connection, and I had to go and buy books from the shop.

So who was at fault? My Chemistry teacher or my text book? I believe the Chemistry text books my school or teachers recommended to me were awful. Most of text books did not focus on explaining each of the concepts elaborately, there are not enough examples to go through.

The language or the way some of the text books explained some simple concepts or methods were way too advanced for me. I ended up simply memorizing the definitions instead of understanding what they meant.

Hence in this post I am going to mention Top 5 Chemistry Books from Amazon which will help you understand different concepts of Chemistry better, such as Organic Chemistry, Mathematics, Moles, Revision Plan etc.  

If you are an IGCSE Chemistry Student from Cambridge, then having a revision guide is extremely Useful. You can quickly go through all of the concepts within a week. So this is a book I would recommend first.

Organic Chemistry is a tricky topic, it seems like a very weird concept to grasp when you are coming fresh from doing Inorganic chemistry. Some teachers rush through organic chemistry because they are in a hurry to finish the syllabus. This book explains organic Chemistry in a clear and precise way..

If you have never taken the Chemistry subject ever before in your life, then this book will help you to learn Chemistry all by yourself with the help of any Private tutor or a teacher.

Most Chemistry students find it extremely difficult grasping the concept of moles. But understanding the concept of moles and how to use it to do different types of math is very important. This book about moles will clear up your concept about moles.

Learning about the structure of atoms, and how atoms form ionic or covalent bonding is very important. If you are doing your AS or A2 Chemistry then you will find this book helpful. This book is a bit advanced, so if you are an IGCSE or O Level student, then I would recommend not to read it.

I hope you have found this list of Chemistry books useful. There are also tons of free blogs you can have a look at on my website