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Igcse organic chemistry notes

IGCSE Organic Chemistry notes

Why this the BEST Organic Chemistry note If you are an IGCSE Chemistry student desperately looking for the perfect organic chemistry notes, then this is

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production of ethanol from sugrarcane

Production of Ethanol From Sugarcane

Ethanol is one of the most important chemicals in the chemical industry, it is used many important reactions, it is used as bio-fuel, and most

IGCSE Chemistry Blogs

IGCSE Separating and analysis Notes

In chemistry, we deal with chemicals, when we do a reaction to produce the desired product it may be mixed with other byproducts or impurities.

IAL Chemistry Blogs

IAL Chemistry concepts of moles in simple terms

IAL Chemistry: Concepts of Mole notes

The concept of mole is a very important part of chemistry. Mole makes calculations in chemistry so much easier! But the different concepts of mole

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Hi, my name is Tasvir Mahmood. I am the author of IGCSE and IAL Chemistry website. I have a taught IGCSE and IAL Chemistry for about 8 years. I have helped many students get good grades in their chemistry exams. In these 8 years I have made a lot of helpful IGCSE and IAL Chemistry related contents, which I am sharing with you using this website.

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